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The Natural Science Provincial Museum, “Prof. Dr. Juan A. Olsacher” aims at

1.      Ensuring guard, preservation and conservation of its museum pieces and exhibits, serving as permanent consultation centre for research and development of all activities related to the Geological Science.

2.      Promoting and developing Natural Science study and research mainly in issues related to all the branches of the Geological Science as well as Palaeontology.

3.      Displaying, spreading and making known the heritage, cultural and scientific value of its pieces and exhibits, thus creating the required links between the institution and the community.

As an institution depending on the Mining Provincial Bureau of the Province of Neuquén, “Prof. Dr. Juan A. Olsacher” Natural Science Provincial Museum has been created to contribute to the progress and dissemination of the Geological Science. Provincial Law 664/71 in its article N° 43 states: “it will aim to preserve the geological mining records of the province and will set up a field of study as well as ongoing consultation for professionals and technicians in the mining area.

Due to its institutional growth, MOZ is nowadays not only an information and consult centre but also carries out scientific and technical research in the various geological fields.

In the last few years MOZ has taken an active part in different geological surveys for specific purposes and immediate application, such as geological risk analysis, ore analysis, among others.